Excuse my reality.

With five kids don’t ever expect my house to be an immaculate house. Let’s just bask in the semi-organized chaos that is my life. Reality is I have five kids, four of which are boys. Rough, rowdy, balls to the walls kinda boys. You know, the ones that are not kind to furniture, windows, walls, stairs, doors…the basic things that require a house to keep from falling into a pile of rubble.

Do you know how hard it is to get a whole entire floor of the house to what I call “oh shit we have people coming over” level of clean?

We have a game room that some how manages to get every damn pillow in the house lodged under the couch. I’m told it’s the kids “fort.” But really it’s a cave for bird feathers and dog hair tumble weeds. The pillows are just a mere barrier from the obvious. There’s some days I just chose to be blissfully unaware. Oh look a pillow on the floor, that’s cute…keep walking.

The kitchen…where cups go to die. Seriously. Why do they need so many damn cups? Not only that, they’re all half full of some kind of liquid concoction. They could just use the same cup, but oh no. Why would they do that? They require to have a fresh cup every time they need a drink. Heaven forbid they spill these drinks. First thing they reach for is a bath towel. I guess they don’t do well under pressure because they all freeze and one goes bolting upstairs to find a towel. Ummm… HELLO! There’s paper towels and dish towels right here. Not even five feet from you. Come on!!!

The living room is where the dirty laundry collects in the corner by the laundry room door. As in dirty, I mean they wore a shirt for four hours and had to take it off. Probably because they got a single drop of water on it. The pillows for those couches are on the floor or under the game room couch. Some how the curtains are always over the couch, rather then behind. Not sure if they’re trying to be modern Tarzan’s while I’m not looking or they’re too lazy to go get a blanket. Either one is not far from our reality. The window sills behind the couch are also another favorite spot of there’s to stash cups.

There’s sticky hand prints and dog noses on all my windows. Most of the blinds aren’t measured to the correct length: they only cover half the window. In my defense we bought the house like that. It’s on my to do list. There’s unknown sticky substances on my tile floors majority of the time. Just when I think I got them all, I find another. I guarantee you will find a multitude of treasures on my stairs. Usually on the sixth or seventh stair you’ll find a random piece of the kids underwear. Not sure why it’s there, but no matter how many times I pick it up they always find a way back.

By the time I have most of it picked up something else is back to a semi organized chaotic state. Win some, you lose some. Constant game of catch up.

What you’ll find here is real. Our life is crazy. Five tiny humans constantly pulling us in different directions. I’m only human and have learned that it’s more then ok to surrender to life. Whatever mess is there, will still be there tomorrow. My kids come first. I will not make an excuse for the state of my house. I will how ever give you a very real explanation. Most of the time, I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, I’m just plain over it. Day in and day out the same thing can get to ya. No worries though, I know down deep in my soul that it’s all worth it. Every single mess, hole, paint touch up and spill.

Published by Chaos Party of Seven

Mom of 5, Wife, Chaos coordinator.

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