I am that mom.

I’m the mom that got phone calls every other day, if not daily from school. I was on a first name basis with administrators. I’m the mom that had school police and crisis intervention called on their child, because of his behavior.

I’m the mom that had to a put their child in summer school,not because of grades. But because of pure refusal to do work. He’s too smart for his own good, he knows it, we all know it. I’m the mom who had to take their child out of the school where his brothers attend and place him in a different school. A school that has a program to help him succeed and not crush his “free spirit mentality.” A school that will show him ways to use his determination for greatness. A mom who will show up any time , any place and discuss whatever needs to be addressed. I’m the mom that has ugly cried in front of a room full of teachers and begged for help. Grasping at anything and everything to help my child succeed. A mom whose nearly gone cross eyed from late night research sessions. Reading anything and everything I could to help better understand and educate those around us.

Believe me, I know he’s a lot to handle. I know, at times he’s vocally almost intolerable. He has excessive outbursts at the littlest of things. But don’t you dare treat him any less because of these things. I see the physical cues people give off when they’ve had enough of his ways. Give him some space and a whole lot of grace. Hell, just do both! It takes a lot of patience and nerves of steel. There is some days I’m running on fumes. But we don’t give up. We keep pushing.

You couldn’t even imagine how far he’s come in such a short amount of time. All I can do for now is love him through it. Better days are coming.

Until then. Que sera, sera ❤️

Published by Chaos Party of Seven

Mom of 5, Wife, Chaos coordinator.

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